Super Dimensional What?

At the behest of a good friend, Cha, I had finally made the move into WordPress, from Blogspot.

I’m not entirely new to this though. If you’d scoured the interwebs before and seen my name, I’d been in cyberspace since at least 2002, when I launched my first personal website via Geocities. During the time, I also opened an account with Multiply before it became the cyber marketplace it is now. Geocities closed down, Multiply went kaputt and I moved to Blogspot around 2008-ish.

I hadn’t considered blogging for cash, and although I’d been doing it for a long while compared to other commercial bloggers, I’m more into it as a sort of therapy where I can write down my experiences, while secretly hoping this becomes immortalized in the future as part of the Cosmic AC. I’ve much to learn about blogging and writing in general, feel free to shoot me a comment on something that you come across as wrong or needs some kind of correction.
Now we have that out of the way, let me introduce myself here.

I’m Jojo, I work at night in customer service. I’m an amalgam of many things – I play with my band/s, I used to write instrumental guitar music, I’ve more than a passing interest in photography, about five years ago I turned into a more serious car guy (not a keyboard racer) and of course, writing.

And I love beer. Ice. Cold. Beer.

Ok, Music.

I play with a band, or let’s put it more accurately, in some bands spanning different genres. My current main gig is as the lead guitarist with Shinkan, a J-pop/rock inspired group. If you’d been going to anime, popular Japanese culture and toy conventions, you have most likely heard of us. I also play bass on the side with Ikuzo Iwa, yet another J-music inspired group more grounded towards heavy metal. I also play guitar with Bulagta, a classic blues / rock group which focuses more on original songs. My main interest had always been rock music, but more recently, I’d begun to take a liking towards jazz, fusion, world music, progressive rock / metal, neoclassical metal, math rock, kundiman, middle eastern music and other stuff away from rock’s regular 4/4 format. I used to write songs, instrumental guitar songs, because I am very, very, very heavily influenced by Joe Satriani.

Anime. Yes, I like anime, but I cannot consider myself an addict. I’m more of a casual guy who takes a liking to it. I am a huge fan of Neon Genesis Evangelion, and the franchise it spawned. I am also a big Gundam guy, who’s totally bonkers over the Universal Century timeline. Please do not talk to me about SEED / SEED Destiny. This penchant for anime of course forms part of why I am interested with Japanese music, but it’s mostly because I like the stories and the visuals. If you’re going to ask if I watch hentai – yes I do, but not as much as when I was a teen with raging hormones. I am also into some tokusatsu and sentai. I feel like these keep me grounded, and in touch with my past. I also started a hobby collecting various PVC figures from some of my favorite series.

As a car guy, I am one of the now dying breed of driving enthusiasts who prefer the manual transmission. I am a big fan of old school cars, mostly Japanese cars but it could be American or European as well. I currently drive an old school Lancer (A173) and do as much of the maintenance as I can, this way I can learn more about my beloved car. I learned to drive early on, but since my previous car was sold off, I’d started from a blank slate when Aska came into my life. I drive for the pleasurable aspect of it, and to develop my skill as much as I can. I am affiliated with a local Lancer enthusiast’s club, and some others in the metro.

I’m also an aviation and defense enthusiast. I’m not a soldier, never had training, but I just love planes, especially classic jet aircraft from the 50’s to the 70’s.

I don’t have smart comments to end this one, feel free and read my musings. Leave me a comment sometimes, and enjoy!


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