Problems of a Street Photographer

[re-blogged from my Multiply 8/29/2009]

Ever since I have laid hands on a camera, I have thought that the streets were the most wonderful places to take photos. As kid, I would finish off the rolls from the EM.
My father, the observant man he is, kindly left me a few frames to practice on even if we only had 24-shot film. I wasn’t the very discerning dude back then, but he did teach me that the thing on the left side of the EM’s viewfinder was not a clock.
Many years later, when the EM just gave up on us and shut up it’s shutter for good [due to lack of maintenance I suppose], my mother came to the rescue with a Canon S50. And being the very pasaway son I am, I took to the streets. I took snap after snap, shot after shot, and I was gratified that I could actually see my pictures as I took them. No longer did I have to wait for the rolls to be developed – it didn’t even use film in the first place! And so began the cycle that saw our family own quite a bit of digicams.
I took each camera we ever had, and ran amuck in the streets. I didn’t care if people thought that a pack of cigars ain’t art – I was just in it to take photos. My biggest break was when I learned to tinker with their settings.
About eleven months ago, I saved up enough cash and balls to ask my friends from Canada to bring home a Canon S5IS.
It was actually a half joke, and half meant. In the case they didn’t buy one, at least I had more cash to keep. In case they did buy, I had a kickass camera. And with the S5, I ran amuck even more.
Now, I use a D40 and I’m knee deep in debt…
Was. Still in debt though. [2015]
Hmm now that I have a more ‘decent’ camera, people who used to smile for me now try to avoid even looking at me. People who I would walk to ask for their photos just shun me. Places all around don’t allow me to shoot, in the name of security. Why is everyone evading
me all of a sudden?
Seems like people think that guys who wield DSLRs – or just about anything that doesn’t look like the everyday point and shoot cam – are those who make a living from selling photos. They cite infringement of privacy, this and that and other things that would leave you scratching your head and saying “oro?”. I guess it’s misguided belief that I am invading their privacy, or even selling their shot to make money.
Still, I continue scouring the streets in search of my next subject, although now I discovered that photo studios can be rented, and I can now make my own studio portraits. I’ll continue scouting and walking, because as I go down that road, the learning process and the refinement of an art continues into the sunset.

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