Come Home Mikan

I walk alone down these streets
No end in sight yet walking

Down these passages I roam
Freely as I may but broken within

Someone is lost
Can you help me find him?

My friend Mikan is gone
Now I am alone

We used to walk and walk
Talk out endlessly

Everywhere I went Mikan followed
And he was there for all to see

But one day the breeze died out
And Mikan too was gone

I’ve walked along these streets
A cracked shell with feet

Enduring the bitterness of lone
And the smite of death

Mikan, Mikan my friend where are you?
Put yourself on to me and let us go

For a walk or run or fly with me
Just come back to me my friend come back

The breeze is blowing far away
And yet I stand here

All alone, no breeze and no Mikan
Please come home to me my dear friend

A lost soul and shattered realities
All that I take in for my day

But Mikan is gone from me
Lonely shalt I be?

Mikan if you’re there say so
Come home with a rainbow in hand

Now I must continue searching
If you see my friend tell him I’m waiting

Underneath the old place we both know
Beneath the pale light of the night sky

reblogged from my blogger account (Come Home Mikan)


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