An Open Letter To Someone I Do Not Really Know

I was supposed to post this on my Facebook page. However, I thought it to be too long and fairly incorrigible to those who may not know about my current issue, which is also currently known only to two persons. In any event, here is a sort of an open letter to a person whom I’d only known enough via stories, social media and a few private messages exchanged.

I just really need to get this off my chest. I mean I’m all cool, happy, unicorns, rainbows and stuff mostly, but I also have a down side.

Everyone has one.

Anyone who thinks otherwise, I want to meet you and learn how the hell you do it.

But without further due…




An open letter to someone I do not really know.


Hi there,

I don’t know if you are reading this right now, but I figure that given your smarts, you’d have figured out this blog of mine. I do not feel like writing a well formed entry right now, so please make do with the bullets which summarize my current (possibly entire) outlook towards you, and your attitude.


– Do as your shrink says, stay away from your trigger.

– You really need to get a life. One with social functions, and with you developing the capacity to carry out meaningful, personal and social interactions. Hopefully, you gain the ability to have an intimate relation ship with a live human, not 2D ones as I can imagine. I have no idea why you are like that or why you became like that, but hey, mental illness is neither your fault nor anyone else. But the road to recovery starts with you. You can read between my lines here since I trust you to be smart.

– I don’t know how good I am with words, but surely I am no genius, as you posit me to be. I am not Jesus. You’re a genius as you say, but I can sense you ain’t no Jesus as well. The only thing we share is the thirst for knowledge. Apparently, you took in too much when intellect was shared out by the buckets. Apart from that, we are as different as Io is to Enceladus.

– Not all smokers have problems, well at least not the ones that you have. Guess what, every breathing human has a problem, whether he / she smokes or not. If your shrink admits to being a heavy smoker because he shares your same problems, you might want to go somewhere more competent.

– You would have turned out into an interesting friend (and specimen for my profiling) but my gaming of the scenario suggests I’d be better off not having to do anything with you. I do not hate you, but do not make me. I am no psychologist, I just love passing time looking and observing people’s thought processes.

– I have a very good idea of how to please my girl – what lights her up, what sets her off. Your thoughts are not part of my equation, and as you might have been told many times in the past, she doesn’t need them. I do not need your projections toward what I should be doing for her – that is entirely my call.

– I find it cool that you have lawyer friends too. But really, what do they add up to? We’re not battling in the court of law here. At the end of the day, you are but someone in need of professional psychiatric help. Lawyers have not been known to practice psychiatry for the past 13.7 billion years.

– We really do not owe you anything. Srsly. Get over it, you may be smart and all but no, we do not owe you anything.

– I don’t care about Hufflepuff, Gryfyndor, Daleks and all that bullshit. But hey, I believe in the Third Impact as the fulfilment of The Rapture – the good thing with it is that there is orange juice for everyone. A lovely idea, but sadly neither of them are legit. That’s what separates you and me – I know where fanstasy ends and reality begins. It’s not too late, you can do it too, I hope. I feel sorry though that at this point, you’re still stuck in some neverending story.

– If you find my thoughts and words sexy, thank you. You had said so quite explicitly in one of your messages.

– You’re welcome. It’s nice peeking into your mind for a few days. I would’ve wanted to observe you more, but I have a life to lead, a wonderful woman to love and meet my life’s goals with, plenty of guitars to play, a gig to rehearse for, a promotion I am still gunning for, friends to have fun with and lots of other things that make my life meaningful.


Your would’ve been crack doctor,



Ok folks, I’m good. It’s time for me to work on more meaningful entries.

C’est la vie.~


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