I just found out through my girl that the legendary Glenn Frey, vocalist of the Eagles and who’d then gone on to make a successful solo career, had passed on today. He had just joined a currently burgeoning list of great musicians who had just caught a train to a better place.

Here’s a little ditty I came up with in his memory.


You’d been running down the road,

Trying to loosen your load,

From Winslow to Glasgow,

There’s love everywhere you go

From Moscow to Tokyo,

Music’s anywhere you go,

As I watched the tequila sunrise,

The heat was on in your eyes,

Looked up at the lover’s moon,

Even in the high of noon,

That song with the one you love,

From the man we’d all loved.

As you go down the long road of Eden,

Your memory will never be forgotten.

(11/06/1948 – 01/18/2016)


C’est la vie~


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