Dragons, Hurt, Deceit

I was told to remove all traces of a previous lifetime.


I readily complied, and sent all the once precious memories into the dark of night.

While some remained, most had already gone.

I have yet to set them into a fiery death.


The ones in the loneliest confines had already gone, those were the ones of most value.

I would have rid of them eventually.

I may have taken long, but I definitely would.


Like a knight slaying a dragon in its dying throes, I would drive my blade to deal it death, and honor its passing with fire.


You had told me to behead the dragon as soon as it fell.


And I did.


I opened the toy box, unlocked with the keys to her mind.


I entered your brightly lit castle.

I made my way through the mazes meant to keep the intruders out, the thieves from making off with your treasures.

I am the moonlit knight, I danced to the music of discovery and pursuit.

I had slayed my dragon and its soul, all in its entirety.


And yet in the deepest of your dungeon, your dragon is there.


Alive and well.


A betrayal?

Secrets so long kept, a heart unable to live on?

I shed a tear and closed the door.


I looked up at the moon, and the misfortunes of my existence.

One sorry existence.

Mine alone.

All mine.



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