What If…

As the days tick off towards our wedding, I thought I’d share some photos from our pre-nuptial shoot. If you’d read my previous entries, I met Pebbles at a show my band had played in a few years back. At the time, we just totally saw each other onstage, but didn’t know one another nor managed to speak to each other.

When the time came for pitching ideas for the pre-nup shoot, I told her that I would want to go back to the place where we first saw each other, and she happily agreed to it, even agreeing to wear her yukata (which totally makes her Starmarie #6) and the first Girls Dead Monster shirt which I heavily gigged during Shinkan’s early years.

One thing that always hung over our heads…


What if we spoke on that day?

(an alternative world)




It was dark all around me, an unfamiliar darkness. I tuned up, ready to go under the lights.


I’m a guitar player, a soloist at that. No one really notices what I do. I disappear into the fabric of music as quickly as I play my notes.


Somehow you noticed me, if only for the sound that I made and the story I wove through my notes.


We never spoke nor met eye to eye that day.

But what if we did?



We don’t know each other, but maybe we would’ve started at hello.

(ok, these are NOT period correct costumes, but you get the idea)


It would have been awkward at first…


…but I’m fairly sure we’d somehow get along.


We’ll make small talk with each other…

We’d probably do silly things together afterwards…


We’ll most likely talk about the things that are common to us.


Maybe I can even teach you things you haven’t done before.


Maybe we’d like each other’s company and become inseparable.


We’d probably find ourselves hanging out of local convenience stores and talking about our lives outside of music, and the scene we belong to.


I’m pretty sure I’d fall for you, and confess at some point, in my own way of course. You would be caught off guard – you look really cute that way.



You would answer me yes, and we would end up dating.

It’s a shame none of that ever happened, but we still ended up being together despite the seemingly improbable set of circumstances that have hounded us ever since that day.


Most of it held true – we had a weird beginning, a weirder first meeting, and I think it didn’t start with hello.

We somehow got along fine, we made lots of small talk.

We learned new things together, pretty soon we were inseparable.

We started revealing and living more of the real lives that we led away from the bright lights onstage.

We did hang outside of convenience stores in the dead of night.

I confessed, and yes it was awkward.

I didn’t catch you off guard and looking cute, but you always have been.

We started dating, we made plans for the future and we haven’t looked back since.





I have no idea where the future will take us, or how we’ll get there. After the sixteenth of April though, we’ll have all the time in the world, along with our whole lives figuring it out together.





So there.

It’s fairly cheesy I know.



C’est la vie!


*props to vividfotographs for the nice pics
** shot on location at the CAP Building in Makati

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