Confession(s) Of U/s Who Suffer In Silence

They say there is no reason for my fears,
And that I should shed no more tears.

I know all of that for myself,
Like the books strewn on my shelf.

Our hearts frail as cheap glass,
Cracks at the slightest of crass.

I have cracked but mended myself,
As everyone is busy with themselves.

It is easy see my laughter and smile,
Is my love really worth your while?

The world loved me when I flashed my smile,
But shunned me as I suffered meanwhile.

I saw my shining glimmer of hope,
While I was at the end of my rope.

I held out my hand to catch the black star,
Notwithstanding my burnt heart and its scars.

All I wanted was something that I can call real,
Its not like I’m asking for too much of a deal.

But everyone wears a mask to hide their pain,
As one shields himself from the pouring rain.

My ray of light was yet another pillar of pretend,
And my world spiraled into the darkness of dread.

Yet again.

If you can see through the depths of my soul,
See that salvation had become my only goal.

And if it comes to pass that you will love me,
Our hands parting ways let it never be.

Because I would always remain by your side,
Even if my spirit and faith had long died.





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