Heil Sharpie! : OBL Humbucker Restoration with a Sharpie Pen

This is going to be a fairly short post.

I had nothing to do this past Saturday, and my gaze happened upon my previous main “working” (gigging as in lots) guitar, Yuri, a 20-ish year old Epiphone Pro II. Just a little background in case you didn’t know, she’s a pretty rare guitar and I wrote a pretty lengthy entry about her and some of my other guitars here.

She sports a pair of slanted humbucker pickups made by OBL, and the silver print on the OBL and the stripes had already worn out. I wanted to kinda spruce her up a bit, and kill a few minutes while I was at it. My wife was working on a Gunpla kit at the same time, and I was teaching her how to use Sharpies for some detail work.



Sharpies are amazing things, and they are a good alternative, as far as I believe, compared to the substantially more expensive Tamiya or Bandai Gundam Marker pens.



I didn’t know about Sharpie usage for scale modelling needs, and I was using various implements in the past to detail my projects – with stuff ranging from white liquid eraser, water color, various brand permanent markers and so on. It was a good car friend of mine, who also happens to be a very skilled scale modeler (check out his stuff here) who taught me to use Sharpies as alternatives to the more expensive stuff. I’d built an SD Gundam ZZ and had some experience using Sharpies on plastic surfaces. I’d also tried my hand detailing a cheap Maisto VW Type 1 with it.





The silver muzzle on the Mega Launcher, and the other colored accents on my HGUC Z was made via Sharpie. Check out the snap build here and prepare to be amused at the noobness.



Here, I used black and silver Sharpie pens to  detail the otherwise blank landing gear on the original Core Fighter from Mobile Suit Gundam.

I know it works on die cast cars and plastic models.  I figured it was gonna work on the plastic stuff on Yuri’s pickups. So I took her off the hanger, took a silver Sharpie, took a deep breath and started working on the OBL lettering.



Of course, there needed to be a “before” and “after” pic. A little grainy yes, taken via my Cherry Mobile Flare X and yes, that’s my thigh holding up the guitar.

I traced over the OBL lettering and the stripes. I kinda took some liberty and Sharpied the pickup rails as well, although I must note that the original design didn’t call for such.

I plan to see what other things I can use the Sharpie pen on, and one of my other ideas is to maybe use it to accentuate details on my PVC figure collection. I’ll see if there are things I can use it on and write about it here.




I’ll end this here and declare that Sharpies are a total bomb that you can use not just for marking boxes, but for a lot of other things that you’ll need some detail work done.





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