Under the Lights…


Under the lights, I am free.

As I weave stories within my mind, for a few fleeting moments I am an ornate story teller, eloquent in the language of music.

I am free to express my thoughts, as my hands move freely in ways I have not known moments prior.









All the colors of emotion come gushing whenever I am under the lights. It is my ardent wish that everyone feels the same as I my heart and mind move as one for a short period of time.

But real life had set in, and I am suddenly bound.

I had been abandoned yet no one has hegemony over my spirit.

Bound by every everything man made, yet I was set free by something perceived by the mind of man himself.

I sit in solitude, and I let my mind take me back to a place and time long gone.

Under the lights, I was free.



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