That “minor” oil leak…

It’s been a while since I changed the oil in Aska, so one fine Saturday a week or so back, I decided to get off my lazy ass and get down to business.

Everything went fine – I removed the old oil (which was gunky af) and got down to putting in a new filter and a new oil pressure sensor.

Why a new sensor?

Remember back in March when I had a top overhaul?

At the time, Aska developed a “minor” oil leak after a short trip to Danghwa and I kinda traced the problem to a broken oil pressure sensor. I replaced it then, but the threaded part on the sensor I got (interestingly a Niles, and the one I replaced was a Circuit cheapo) was a little long, so I tightened it down some on the oil filter housing to make sure it was was snug.

All was well until we got home from our provincial trip, when I spotted yet another oil leak at home.

Thinking it was a minor leak I wasn’t losing that much oil anyways, I procrastinated the process of getting a new sensor.

So I had new oil, a new filter and a new oil pressure sensor and I made sure to get the exact same threaded length one – and proceeded to put it into Aska.

I started the motor and suddenly…



It totally stumped me, and I thought I must’ve not locked the sensor in place. I was under pressure to finish the job because I was supposed to meet a friend of mine for his birthday celebration and I thought that it was going to be just a matter of tightening it down…


I checked it out more thoroughly – and it turns out that there was a crack on top of the oil filter housing.

After some looking it over, I figured I must’ve cracked it tightening it down like crazy.

I cannot get the damn car a kilometer without her running out of oil and destroying my loyal 4G33 engine which has like 400,000++ kilometers in it.

Without a car though, I cannot make it to my friend’s house.

I thought about a few things – the car obviously can’t be knocked out of service because she’s a daily driver, with her main job being to ferry my mother to work with my old man at the wheel.

I checked through my fb listing, crowdsourcing for a part that I desperately need. But it turns out this isn’t something that normally breaks, and no one really had something on hand for me…

…until I got to ask from a good driving friend of mine who happens to own one of the most famous A173 Lancers here.


This Lancer hauls so much ass with a swapped 4G63 n/a.

The man happened to have swapped out his 4G33 in favor of a more powerful n/a 4G63 engine. Since he had already taken out his 4G33, I thought about asking him if he needed the oil filter housing. He quickly replied that he didn’t need it anymore and I can come get it if I needed it.


That’s the thing I love about having such acquaintances – not only do I get good tech help from them, I have not yet been let down when I needed an emergency part or help. Of course I do my share of helping out as well, as evidenced by this one time that one of our acquaintances needed an exact sized accessory drive belt and I happened to be hauling around a brand new one I keep for emergencies. This is how car clubs and friends should work ideally, but we know that in the real world, it’s not always like this.

I am fortunate to have such friends though, that’s for sure.

In order to make it to the birthday party, and get this much needed part on the way home, I commandeered my ninong’s dirty white Land Rover Defender 90 to haul my ass to Cainta, with Rich riding shotgun. That was quite a pleasant drive, which I will write about later on.

I arrived at Albert’s place around 11pm-ish and one of his househelp handed me the part, with a matching oil filter still attached (LOL).

The next morning, I proceeded to work on the stuff. I cleaned out life saving part, then took off my damn broken oil filter housing, which kinda took some time due to the amount of persuasion needed to knock it out of its perch.


Cleaned up the “new” oil filter housing using diesel, gasoline and some brushes.

The replacement housing looked fly after I was done with it, that I had second thoughts of putting it on my motor. But Aska needed it, so after admiring my handiwork for a few minutes, I proceeded to prepare for the actual installation.

Remember to use high temperature gasket maker if you’ll go without a proper gasket. This is because the oil sump tends to get real hot – well, not burning hot, but stuff in the order of 200 Celsius should do the trick. Also, don’t tighten down the thing right after you get the stuff lined up. Get it to dry some (depends on the brand I believe) so the stuff can form into a gasket and only then can you tighten down on the whole thing.


Now for a bit of wisdom on the part itself.

That oil filter housing is not made of steel like the rest of the block. I had thought wrong of it being made of steel simply because it’s attached to the housing. From what I think it is, it’s probably made of aluminum and as such, it’s very easy to over-tighten and crack the thing. So before I installed the oil pressure sensor, we made a ghetto rig to keep it in place and then tighten down the pressure sensor. I think it’s time I get some torque wrenches and read the factory manual to avoid such hassles in the future.


There you go folks, DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN ANYTHING. If you have a factory manual and a torque wrench, stick to them. If you do not (as I do) and you’d tightened it down already, leave it at that.


But for now, thanks to quick thinking and the kindness of friends, Aska’s back in form with no more oil leaks. I also fixed up the fuel pump delete plate which was also leaking some oil, no more leaks from that bad boy too.


Yey! Will get a better photo of the stuff all cleaned up and showing no more oil in a later post.

Many thanks to my friends Rich (who let me borrow the Defender) and Albert for being the awesome people they are.


Ah, c’est la vie.




PS. I switched back to using Havoline 20W-40 from what I previously switched to (Havoline Diesel 20W-40) because I was done cleaning up the remaining gunk in my engine.

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