Thank You, Dear Reader/s

Thank you to the readers who come in to read the stuff I spout in the middle of the night – from my haikus, to my life experiences, my old school ride and MacGyvering my way around things, my seeming obsession with guitars and the art and science of guitar playing, the moments of joy and sadness which I live my life with… you’ve read it here.

It’s almost like I took pieces of my brain and threw it out on the net for all to see.

As with my last post, whether or not some actually read and take my words into heed or consideration, I could not care less.

I am the beast the shouted “I!” at the heart of the world. 


I appreciate everyone’s comments, and I hope to be able to correspond with some of you soon enough.

Here’s to the first thousand, and on to the future!



Stone in hand I throw,
Towards the emptiness of now,
Hopes for tomorrow. 



Cheers from Manila, in the middle of the night, in the midst of currently pouring rain!







PS. If you’d like to add me on social media, you can find me on twitter or facebook. 

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