Yet Another Public Service Announcement

I tried damn hard for the past few months to do a recap of my year from 2016 til the present (then) but…

  • Too many awesome things happened I can’t even find the words to write for them. Well, it’s not so much that I can’t find the words – I have no idea how to write them down. I’ll tell you all one thing though – fatherhood is turning out to be an insane roller coaster ride, and being a married guy does have its ups and downs. There will always be downs, but that will never stop me from looking at the ups. Call me stupid, but that’s how I see it. There are challenges, a great many number of them and while I don’t have a solution for everything, I’m quite sure time will have one
  • It’s cool attending events as husband and wife, and no longer as boyfriend / girlfriend. I saw our names at a friend’s wedding. It was mind blowing.
  • I’m still working on Aska.
  • I’m still playing guitar in the safety and comfort of our bedroom.
  • My kid is growing up fast af.
  • My wife and I are discovering more to ourselves and our relationship. It’s hard to work on problems, but I know we’ll eventually find a balance and get everything right.
  • Sometime on, I can probably finish Reflections II…


Alright, time to go and find stuff to write about.





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