I Fell In Love With An Awkward Girl




People tell me I’m crazy and blind.

I fell in love with an awkward girl.


Everyone was too busy looking at her face, but never through her eyes.

See, the eyes are the windows to one’s soul.

Her eyes have told me all.

How she had suffered, how she somehow lived on.

Her pitfalls and her highs.

Her darkest hours.

Her triumphs.

She stares long into the distance, and never into their eyes.

They stare into her eyes, but never into her heart.


Her long black hair often hid the light of her spirit, the flame of her heart.

Her lips are the color of blood, but beneath the hue is the warmth of her smile.

Her complexion belied the bruises and wounds that have healed over time.

Her bright dress covered the nakedness of her emotions.

She cries for help in a language no one understands.

I would have to admit that at times, her familiar words become garbled.

My mind cannot know the words, but my heart can tell what she means.


Yet her message is real.

Her soul as pure as moonlight.

Her heart clear as the skies.

Her smile as bright as the sun.

Her beauty shines even during the witching hours.

Her laughter as loud as a lion’s roar, yet comforting as a lullaby.


She would never believe me even after I had been telling her all this time.

She does not connect the way you and I do.

She is distant yet close to the heart of the world.

Her jokes never catch on, the songs that she sings no one ever hears.

The words she says are never understood for what they mean, only for what they are.


In her mind, she is no one.

But to me she is everything.

I guess everyone is right – I am blind.

I see perfection in her lack of it.

I’ll never tire of loving her.

I’ll fight the world as long as she is with me.

I’ll give it all up, and I do not need anyone else.

I fell in love with an awkward girl.

And I will fall forever.







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