Dark Cloud

How can you do this?
Gypsy maiden why? I asked.
Secrets for so long kept,
Has been made known,
To you in complete trust.

Secrets and thoughts,
Only to you has light been shed.
Yet you spilled them all
Sand from a broken hourglass,
Flowed thoughtlessly out.

And to my fickle foe has,
You made them known.
No matter, not even love,
Should be invoked to spill,
This mind so dear to you.

In the distant past,
I uttered to the maiden,
My intentions to repel the,
The prince’s unrelenting attack,
His day was to come I say.

Time has passed since.
And advice from the seer,
That I have sought.
Dispel the hatred,
And that I have done.

But the maiden has,
Given away my intents.
Prince heard with all ears,
His forces gathered he had,
And cried out for blood.

Cruel maiden so pure,
Twisted emotions grabbed you,
Changed your heart,
Forbidden to glimpse reality,
A falsified fantasy you dwell.

In my eyes I see it so
Differently your heart must say.
I no longer possess knowledge,
Of your intentions twisted are they?,
Towards my hapless self.

Now chaos has begun,
And you leave my side.
He has waged war on me,
Yet I harbor no hostility,
Not now in this moment.

Erred I truly have,
And for that I seek pardon,
But you shove my words,
Into the nothingness beyond,
And repeat your hostile intent.

I foresee an imbalance,
My capacity to wage war,
Diminished by the passage,
Of the grains inside the glass.
Only a distant memory remains.

The prince possesses
Power much greater,
Than I currently muster.
Youth has he,
And time have I.

I see the clouds of war,
Swirling in the distance.
A battle might soon come,
Fighting I have no intention,
But it might then be inevitable.

Farewell I bid you,
Maiden so fond I have been.
The day must give in to night,
And bliss to sorrow,
The pleasure is mine to keep.




  • I think I remember writing this back in 2007 or something, in one of the little notebooks I carried around to write poetry with. I’d also uploaded it on an old blog of mine, Tall Tales By Asuka.
  • This was about the falling out between myself and my then college best friend (secret love). We never spoke again after one particular incident, and we only got around to patching up about four or five years afterwards. I like to think we have remained good friends since.
  • You’ll have to pardon the Yoda-esque style of gibberish.

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