Ode To You Who Walks In The Dark

Farewell my friend
As you turn towards the night
Farewell my friend
As you leave the light of day

The freedom of choice
Man’s greatest gift since time of old
This freedom we zealously
Guard with all that is ours

The choice has been made
Your path you have chosen
On your way down that road
Spare me not the sight of you

Always I have said to you
Avoid the darkness of the night
And if you must tread that path
Fetch this lamp to light your way

But you heed not to my words
I who have seen the darkest of night
Who fell under the nightmare’s grip
Yet struggled free from it’s dangers

And you walk down your way
Without a word or nothing to say
I look to you and wonder if when
You will ever reckon that I stand here

I can only stand for so long a time
Stand beside what my heart holds true
And I tell you this when I turn my back
Forever a glimpse of me you sha’nt see





  • And here is the last of a three part prose-cum-rant I did back in college. Again dedicated to my then best friend, turned ex-best friend, turned friend again after many years and thousands of miles apart.

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