Silent Prisoner

Running down an empty hall
White satin and flowing silk
Carried on by the subtle breeze
Lit by the moon and stars

What follows the elegant?
Shadows that chase it on
Growing claws by the moment
Gnawing teeth at it’s quarry

Breathing down the quarry
The darkness surrounds the light
And the void grows along the hall
The walls all but a silent witness

But the lights darts again
Towards the heavy doors
Specters of life they pass on
Carried back to the netherworld

But the light shan’t be covered
And it’s brilliance for the world
The darkness will soon recede
In vain they must wait for freedom

Shackled in the dungeon of old
Crackling of chains against the night
Amidst laughter and madness
Stand ground and live again






* Here’s yet another one of my dreadful rants veiled as prose. Of course, this was from a time that I was hurting back in college. See previous entry for a short explanation.



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