11 Hours Without my Headphones

[I wrote this about 8 hours ago before I slept in the afternoon]


It had been eleven hours since I lost the function of my Audio-Technicas due to the 3.5mm breaking off inside my XA1 Plus’ audio jack.
I was angered at first and tried poking out the remainder of the plug. I succeeded in removing part of it but the tip remains. This is no good but I have decided to soldier on. 
Lunch time didn’t happen. I could not eat. I felt so vulnerable to people wanting to small talk with me. I was scared. I ran into the shadows of the smoking area. I was safe… at the time.
I went back up to my desk, my head dipped in defeat. I have always loved Audiotechnicas and never imagined this happening to me. My affections will not falter. 
I went out for my last break. I could’ve been hearing about Gary still wailing he has the blues. He can’t. He’s Irish, he either has whiskey or a rattle can and singing IRA songs. I could’ve been hearing Malmsteen ripping off Albinoni. I could’ve been hearing more, shielding me from the evils of the real world.
But my luck turned south. BB King was right – I’ve no money, no luck and all blues. Mr Mayer, how can I be kept where the light is?
I went back up, dreading my time to go home. 
8am passed by. Moment of truth. A walk home without my favorite musicians past and present accompanying me. I smoked a stick to calm my nerves, I was singing guitar solos. No, I should be hearing them and not singing them.
In various forms, it hit me about how I can hear the world around me. But I do not want to hear the world. Music was my world, and I have been shaken awake from my dream.
Tonight will be yet another test of fortitude. Mr. Moore, keep my whiskey right, I’ll be joining you soon.



The above entry was supposed to be read like one off a diary or something, and yes it is indeed true – my trusty Audito-Technica ATH-S100IS street monitors have just been put out of commission. In an oft heard but never-quite-happened-to-me event, the lower third of the input jack got busted off and was left inside my new phone. Now, I have nothing to listen to music with and am left at the mercy of people wanting to talk to me.

Honestly, I don’t dislike communicating or talking with people. But at work, I already talk to so many people that I feel like during my hard earned and well spaced break times, I want to just kick back and not talk. My break times are also when I get to get lost in music, which is why many people often say that I look like I am in a trance whenever I put my headphones on.

I’m actually trying to scale back on the this habit of mine, but it’s hard to really kick out of my system. I started doing this back in high school and continued steadily up until now. I remember certain periods that I got off the habit for a while, but I keep coming back to it. See, while I am fairly chatty and easy to get along with in real life, I have moments that I become exhausted keeping pace with people by talking.

My mentor at work had told me that since I often deal with training people, I have to make it a point to communicate with everyone at all times. While I believe he has a point, I don’t quite think it is very necessary and mostly the times I talk to people would be when business is concerned. Make no mistake though, I have friends at work, close friends at that and I love talking with them. But for the more numerous casual acquaintances, I kinda find it hard to connect with them when everyone is talking basketball, Game of Thrones and all the other things I don’t keep tabs on. It’s not that I cannot sit and listen, but rather I am not quite interested in talking about those things.

Believe it or not, while I am a fairly big car guy who loves reading and talking about it, I only enjoy doing so whenever I get to speak with fellow car guys. I try avoiding casual conversations that start with “What car should I get…” or “I think there is something wrong with my car…”. I also tend to avoid people when the conversation goes to “I want your suggestions on what camera I should buy…”. Hrr.

There are certain people in my life though that I seem to be able to whip up conversations with at ease, and talk about things pulled out of thin air. But they are mostly the ones I am truly close to, or really just get along with.

In any event, I will get my phone to a service center and thankfully, my wife had turned it into her sacred duty to drag my ass to one despite me not really wanting to pay up for such a simple service. I am also in the market to finally get myself decent Bluetooth headphones, and I’m leaning towards JBL (now owned by Harman) or probably go for an affordable Audio-Technica. I’m also looking to getting a more permanent and purpose built digital audio player but that may be after I get new headphones. If anyone reading this has ideas, feel free to shoot me a comment.

Trust me, without those muffs over my ears, I feel so vulnerable at times.





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