A Word From The Author…Make That A Few Words…

I’d been checking my stats these past few days and I found that while I have been fairly silent here, views are quite booming along.

For some odd reason though, I’m getting a bunch of hits from the Philippines, which while I don’t mind, is not something I am used to seeing. Actually, this had been the trend for quite a while now and I have no idea who takes the time to visit this godforsaken corner of the internet.

In case some of you regular readers are wondering why I am not very active nowadays, it’s a mix of many things. My kid is growing up fast and most of my waking hours are spent chasing his ass around the house. I spend maybe two to three hours asleep either in the mornings or afternoon and it kinda takes away from my creative juices.

I’d been dealing with a few things and I’m still in the middle of either trying to find solutions to a bunch of life issues and questions, or just sitting back and letting time do its thing. I’ve 37 drafts that I’ve started and stopped on because I keep getting distracted from finishing them. It’s like I have so many things I want to write about in one moment then run out of juice in the next moment.

If any of you would be interested to know, I am now more active on IG than FB. I’ve been fairly successful at avoiding the dolts that are on my FB feed and I am on my way to weening myself off it. Follow me there my dear readers!

In any event, thank you anonymous viewers and readers .




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