Blankku # 1 : A Mindless Experiment With Form

__ sat in the light,

Waiting for the right moment,

To communicate.

___ sat in the dark,

Waiting for the right moment,

To send a response.


__ stared at the void,

As ___ smiled at __ person,

___ thoughts reached for ___.





Ok, many of you may find this strange as to why I left blanks in the haiku. It’s a kind of experimental err more like “I just feel like I need to do this” style that I just thought about. We all know haikus are supposed to have seventeen syllables arranged in three lines. Some may comment that the blanks represent no words, meaning the things I wrote are not haikus since they technically do not have seventeen syllables each. However, I see the blanks as spaces that you, the reader, can fill out to make the haiku “work” for you. The blanks are inspired by rests in music – rests are notated and part of the beat but there are no notes played. I see this in the same manner.

I am not sure if I am making sense here, but have fun inserting whatever pronouns or words into the blanks. Hell, you may as well put “carrot” or “strawberry” or “potato” – as long as you are able to keep the syllable count, when you read it out, it still forms a haiku. But with the blanks, I want to call this as “blankku”. Get it? Shit I make bad puns. My sense of humor has left me tonight.

Whatever, I feel like I’m trying to talk smart here but my thoughts are actually a little muddy.




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